Brisbane, Queensland AUS

Nuts & Bolts

Retreat Design & Delivery Fee

1 Full School Day:  $14 per student (minimum of $800/day) + consumables

Overnight Retreats:  $18 per student per day (minimum of $800/day) + consumables

GST not applicable at this time. Fee is negotiable on a school-school basis.  There may be a fee for petrol and/or accommodation.  There will be an additional fee for the design of a new or modified retreat program.

Required Resources

  1. Exclusive use of a private venue with plenty of space
  2. Access to a power source
  3. There may be other small resources required but Donna provides 99% of them

Other Retreat Themes

The benefits of retreat days are optimised by meeting the current and often-changing social, emotional and spiritual needs of your students.  If there are other retreat themes you would like to explore or if your students have a pressing pastoral need for which you would like a tailored workshop, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Staff Spirituality Day

Standard Full Day Fee: $2000 + consumables

Negotiable on a school-by-school basis
GST does not apply at this time
There may be other costs involved such as premium materials, travel and accommodation.
Donna to provide all equipment