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Why Choose Experience Wellbeing?

"My approach to Retreat Facilitation is a collaborative one as I see it as a privilege to become part of your staff and contribute to your school’s spiritual and pastoral strategy.  As a teacher and experienced facilitator I hope to meet your expectations and the needs of your students."  Donna Power from Experience Wellbeing

Why choose Experience Wellbeing? Donna Power is a specialist provider of Catholic school retreats and concerts throughout Brisbane and wider Queensland.  Her style is interactive and fresh and she is creatively in tune with young people in a tech connected world. She integrates Scripture and modern research to provide compelling and empowering content for your staff and students.


Donna’s easy to learn and catchy songs are designed to build community spirit and teach Christian principles. A package of sheet music and backing tracks is available on request.  Click on the titles below to listen:

Living Water   (Social justice anthem)

Drummer Song    (Rhythm and actions song)


Donna’s original animations provide an engaging framework of visual metaphors that weave together key themes and activities for the program.

Click on the video below for an example:




With careful attention to safety and purpose within the theme of the retreat, Experience Wellbeing games are designed to engage all students with colourful materials and team challenges.



Students are invited to explore the retreat theme through whole group, small group and individual activities. The activities are hands-on, easy-to-follow, relevant, age-appropriate and allow for differentiated learning where possible.


Creative Prayer Experiences

Students nourish their spirit with appropriate expressions of prayer, engaging story-telling and meaningful symbols, deepening their understanding of sacramental ritual.


Pre and Post Retreat Lessons

The impact of Catholic school retreats is maximised when the messages are integrated into the students’ learning before and after the program.  Pre and post retreat lessons are available on request.


Sample Program

Session 1
Arrange students into smaller groups and introduce retreat experience, theme and key messages
Animation 1: Biblical stories of Jesus demonstrating the power of the retreat theme
Game 1: COMFORT ZONE (links to story 1 in animation)
Game 2: TEAMWORK (links to story 2 in animation)
Small Group Activity 1: (links to story 3 in animation)

Introduce session 2
Live Music: teach 2 songs to whole group
Input on theme – short spoken story or video to show Biblical message in today’s world
Animation 2: Explanation of theme through visual metaphor
Small Group Activity 2and 3: (Deeper reflection required. Links to Animation 2)

Introduce session 3
Game 3: TEAM CHALLENGE (links to Animation 2)
Live Music: Second time through the 2 songs – students are really good at the songs now
Creative Prayer Experience: Synthesise main Scripture and message of Retreat, creative prayers.

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