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Provide beautiful Bulk Rosary Beads for your school, class, staff, family, parish or organisation.

You’ve come to the right place to find top quality, dignified and inviting Bulk Rosary Beads at an affordable price in Australia. Each decade is painted a different colour to entice young people to enjoy praying.

6-7mm painted (non-toxic) wooden beads with twisted twine. 30cm long. For prayer, not wear.

Excellent quality, modern, robust and beautiful. Ready-built for little (& big) hands and long-lasting.

Blessed by a Catholic Priest, (Fr Joshy, a Capuchin Friar, in Brisbane). A special gift to be cherished.

Comforting silver imprint on the cross, “I am with you” (Matt 28:20). Invites us to feel loved by God.

Free modern printable Rosary materials included with attractive images. Draws us into the stories.

Postage included in the price. Purchase in packs of 10, 50 or 100 Rosary Beads for your bulk-buying needs.

Bulk Rosary Beads Savings

Packs of 10: Save $35 compared to buying 10 Rosary Beads of similar quality @$7 in Catholic shops

Packs of 50: Save $25 compared to buying 5 packs of Rosary Beads at my 10x price

Packs of 100: Save $50 compared to buying 2 packs of Rosary Beads at my 50x price

Why I Designed Rosary Beads and Rosary Materials for Australians

Shopping for Rosary Beads in bulk in Australia is tricky. I found this firsthand when I was looking for Rosaries for my Retreats in Catholic Schools. The only affordable rosary beads I could buy in large quantities were plastic ones from some importer in Sydney with a shop on Ebay. So, in search for dignified and welcoming Rosary Beads for the modern Australian person, that are affordable, I made my own!

Praying the Rosary should be a special experience of the Sacred and connecting with each other in a dignified way. I found the long, plastic, cheap rosary beads ended up being novel necklaces more than cherished items for prayer. Every detail of my design is on purpose. Australian Catholic schools offer such high quality educational experiences for staff and students and faith formation should be of the same standard. Many leaders and pastoral carers in Parishes, Catholic health care and palliative care, mothers and grandmothers alike, want to provide a warm and strengthening version of the Rosary – not to tick a box, but to offer a tried and tested way to cultivate a powerful faith.

Encouraging Australian young people and adults to explore the Rosary can seem like an ambitious activity given our society’s materialistic and self-described ‘post-Christian’ culture at this time. Be confident, however! The Rosary offers Aussies a spirituality gateway that is super relevant to the pastoral needs of children, teens and adults alike in our culture because it affirms our dignity in God’s eyes, it calls us on to cultivate noble values, it connects us to community and family more deeply and it actually activates our vagas nerve, switching us into our parasympathetic nervous system.

You’ll receive my 2 Rosary Booklets for Australian schools, families and organisations. One is for children with bright and intriguing, modern cartoon images and one is for older students and staff with beautiful, original paintings by an artist in the US. I use it daily with my own little family as well as in my retreats for Catholic school students and staff groups in Brisbane and Southeast Queensland, and online retreats throughout Australia. I hope you find these Rosary Beads to be lovely, comforting and dignified.

Donna Power of Experience Wellbeing

Verified Reviews

“As described.” – Brisbane

“Great price for quality beads.” – Sydney

“Perfect gift for staff for World Teachers Day.” – Caboolture

“Great service!” – Caloundra

“I bought these for our Year 12s end of year gift. Very happy.” – Warrnambool

“Lovely Rosaries.” – Wagga Wagga

“Wooden beads are so much better than the cheap plastic ones we had been using.” – Kangaroo Point

“The kids love them.” – Hervey Bay

“They’re really nice wooden beads, so nice to hold in your hand.” – Cairns

“I got a bunch for my palliative care work. These are special and much more personal than plastic ones.” – Logan

“Bright colours for each decade make it easier to teach the rosary I teach the Rosary to my students every year and have found these are just right ” – Ferny Hills

“Excellent quality.” – Surry Hills

“Great little beads.” – Melbourne

“The organza bags make them look even better.” – Brisbane

“Glad I found affordable rosary beads for our school! Thank you!” – Currumbin

“happy to have found them – love the message on the cross.”  – Broadbeach

“Different. good.” – Perth