3 Crucial Elements for Effective Catholic Retreats

These 3 vital elements combine to ensure your people ‘Experience Wellbeing’ on your faith formation retreat. Firstly, begin with the pastoral needs of the participants. Secondly, match their pastoral needs with Catholic theological anthropology and Catholic spiritual practices. Thirdly, match their pastoral needs with evidence-based wellbeing strategies for individuals and groups. Retreat participants thrive when …

Kindergarten student John and his mum Flonnie in Katundu one of Project Kindy kindergartens in rural Malawi, Africa

Jesus Provokes us to Love His LIVING Relatives, the Poor

To draw closer to Jesus, get to know and offer support to His living relatives, the poor, who are walking the earth in our time! Hi, my name is Donna Power and I’m from the Brisbane-based charity, Project Kindy.  We fundraise for kindergarten children in extreme poverty in rural Malawi, Africa, providing them with daily …

halloween children's activities

11 Halloween Children’s Activities to put the Holy back into Secular Halloween

What are your feelings about Halloween? It’s been a dilemma for me to work out how to adjust to the relatively new and mostly secularised Halloween culture in Australia.  As kids we always went to Mass for All Saints and All Souls Days but here in Brisbane, Australia, in the 80s and 90s we never …

leading the mission in catholic schools religious life of the school faith development essay lonergan ACU shadows of leadership

Leading the Mission: To Be One Who Casts Light and Confronts Shadows in Leadership

This is one of my final assignments for the ACU course in Leading Mission in Catholic Organisations. It gives you some insight into my ongoing development as an authentic person, retreat facilitator and follower of Jesus. I share this to offer you some fellowship and confidence as we all grow in understanding and skills as …

how to know your retreat is catholic for your catholic school students or staff

Cultivating a Catholic Ethos in Retreats

You know your retreat is Catholic when it offers life-giving, empowering Catholic faith formation for a broad range of participants. In this article, I will discuss three overarching hallmarks of the Catholic ethos of faith formation, “Catholic Theological Anthropology”, “Whole-Person Engagement” and “Formation Capacities” and how faith formation retreats can be developed and evaluated accordingly by either internal or external facilitators. By the way, this article serves to inform and develop me as much as those I am hoping to encourage as I am still learning the art of faith formation facilitation.

soul is like a campfire

Why Virtue Ethics is so Empowering in Retreats

The goal of Christian faith formation retreat is to assist the participant to grow in discipleship with Jesus and in community with others so she/he is closer to living a fulfilling life of love.  Virtue Ethics with a Christian perspective is a very helpful in my work as a retreats facilitator because it engages retreat …

A girls sketch of her soul

How to Make Spiritual Language Inclusive for a Broad Range of People

How do you define and describe the soul and spirituality for a broad range of people?  The human soul is the life force within each of us, animated by God[1], our spirituality is how we cultivate and express that energy in either healthy or unhealthy ways[2] and the ultimate fulfillment of a healthy spirituality is …