What is faith formation?

Faith formation is the process by which our faith grows and our lives are shaped by God’s love. It encompasses every action, experience, or relationship that nurtures a transformative relationship of trust with God and shapes the way we see and interact with God’s world. The mission of God’s church is to equip followers of Jesus Christ through faith formation, so that they may be sent out into the world to spread God’s kingdom.

What do you mean by “faith”?

“Faith” is a transformative relationship of trust between ourselves and God. It is not an object or an abstract idea, but a dynamic connection with God through Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit. Faith involves trust in a specific worldview that shapes the way we interpret and interact with the world around us. It is a gift from God that transforms our lives completely.

What do you mean by “formation”?

“Formation” refers to the process of shaping and changing something. In the context of faith formation, it is the process by which our relationship with God, our worldview, and our lives are shaped over time. Just as we can mold and shape a piece of play dough, our faith and worldview can be molded and shaped through our experiences, beliefs, and interactions.

How do you make faith formation effective?

Faith formation is effective when it reaches the most people and has a significant impact on their lives. It is not about numbers, but about lives transformed by God’s love. While there is no precise formula for effective faith formation, some principles apply universally. These include teaching disciples the story of God found in Scripture, engaging disciples in worship and faith practices, making the home a center of faith formation, fostering authentic relationships across generations, and sending disciples out to serve others and spread God’s kingdom.

What about at home?

Home is a crucial place for faith formation, as it is where our primary relationships are nurtured. While church events only occupy a small fraction of our time each week, the majority of our time is spent at home. This is especially true for households with children. Faith formation practiced in the home is a significant predictor of lifelong faith for children, youth, and teens. It is important for families to prioritize faith formation within their homes.