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Games for Retreats

Games for Retreats

Games for Retreats

With careful attention to safety, Experience Wellbeing games for retreats are designed to engage all students with colourful materials and age-appropriate team challenges.  The games are framed within positive, interactive language called ‘Strategies for Success’.  Each game is chosen for a purpose and serves to invite the students  deeper into the retreat experience.



Students are invited to sink their teeth into the retreat theme through whole group, small group and individual activities. Much thought is given to the preparation of scaffolding for each activity, ensuring efficient organisation, clear objectives, appropriate time management and colourful, easy to understand and use materials.  The activities are interesting and relevant,  age-appropriate and thought-provoking.

Why Choose Experience Wellbeing? Donna’s retreats and workshops are designed so that students get the most out of the time given. To make the students feel extra welcome and to ensure the meaning of the retreat stays with them for longer than just the day, participants always receive special take home gifts such as affirmation cards, colourful wooden crosses or artificial flowers.

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