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Movers & Shakers

Movers & Shakers


“What a great formation experience it was for me to have the privilege of being in the Movers and Shakers team for several years. The leadership team taught me so much and have left quite the legacy in terms of the amount of people involved in youth ministry. Movers and Shakers continues to this day and is an excellent leadership development program for your older teens!”  Donna Power from Experience Wellbeing

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From the Movers and Shakers Team:

“We’re feeling in a nostalgic kinda mood today. . . . . What our Facebook page doesn’t really communicate is the history of Movers and Shakers, so we’ve dug up a little nugget from 2006 which looks back at when the program first started in the early 90’s. It’s like the inception of nostalgia. There will be some familiar faces for our newer members of the M&S Family, but it will also help us connect/reconnect with some of the more long term (won’t say older 😉 ) members of the M&S Family. Please share this with people you recognise or tag yourself! We would really love to hear from you. ENJOY!”