Goals for Work



In this world, children and adults alike can easily be disheartened when they make mistakes or see that their family, class or organisation are somewhat broken.

No matter what the mess, we must realign ourselves to excellence and creativity, the ingredients for a fulfilling work life!  Work here is used broadly to mean whatever it is that we do with our day.

We don’t need to strive for perfection.  That is a very frustrating, futile approach!  We do feel alive and good when we strive for excellence and creativity, though, within our resources and expanded by our resourcefulness!


How does this work?  Once you purchase this poster you will receive an email with an A4 PDF and a 5×7 image for download.

Print in colour on thick paper if possible and frame in a simple white frame for the best visual result.  I buy white frames from IKEA and have them home delivered.