Noble Gospel Values



Noble meaning: it is good for me AND it is good for the group

Gospel meaning: it is demonstrated and taught in the Gospels of Jesus Christ

Values meaning:  an anchor point to bring me back to the centre, ground me and keep me focussed on the right things.

Choose a NGV as an antidote to a struggle you are going through right now.  Align yourself with it daily and watch how you become more of it as time goes by.  Take a few moments to soak up how it feels when you do cultivate that NGV in your life and your brain will change, too!

This is an evidence-based wellbeing strategy mixed with faith formation of virtue ethics in the Christian context.

How does this work?  Once you purchase this poster you will receive an email with an A4 PDF and a 5×7 image for download.

Print in colour on thick paper if possible and frame in a simple white frame for the best visual result.  I buy white frames from IKEA and have them home delivered.