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Rosary Beads Class Set of 33

Rosary Beads Class Set of 33


Class set of 33 Rosary Beads, colourful, plastic and blessed by a Catholic Priest.

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Your students will love these colourful Rosary Beads that although are plastic, are also blessed by my local Catholic Priest here in Brisbane.  As they learn about the power of prayer, of becoming close to the Holy Family and of blessed sacred objects, they will appreciate the wonderful value in these very special gifts.

These sets come apart and click back together at the oval medal part to easily be worn as a necklace and they come in a range of colours.  You cannot choose the colour combination as they are already packed.

I have also created a modified version of the Luminous Mysteries to help you get started with praying just one decade at a time which you can access HERE.

The Rosary is a wonderful way to engage your students in prayer as they touch and feel and follow along with the beads, listen to and join in with each other in the prayer, soak up the Scripture stories slowly and reflect on the visual images, too.  It is truly a prayer that moves through the senses to the sacred, providing beautiful formative experiences of the Sacramental spirituality of Catholic life.

I’ve noticed it’s hard to source class sets of Rosary Beads, let alone blessed ones.  I offer a set of 33 for the affordable price of $25 (75c each) plus shipping.

Please email me at if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas.  I’d love to support you in any way I can.

Donna Power

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