“Sunrise Prayer” Online Session with Wood Circles (Set of 6) Retreat Craft Activity



An engaging retreat activity is to paint wooden slices as a way of matching the retreat participant’s heart with the heart of Jesus on the cross.  The wood slices are ‘a slice of the cross’.  Painting real, beautiful, good quality, sustainable, birch branch slices from Perm, Russia, is a lovely experience.  The theological input on video explains the relationship between contemplation and action for a healthy, vibrant spirituality for individuals and groups.

The demonstrative video makes sure that facilitating this activity is easy for you!  Your group will create a beautiful reminder for daily prayer with this easy-to-do craft prayer activity.

The input and activities weave together wisdom found in:

  • Matthew 25:34-40 and Catholic theological anthropology
  • Evidence-based strategies for wellbeing from neuroscience, social and psychological sciences
  • The participants’ life experience and reflections

Save time, money and the hassle.  I’ve run this activity many times and I know what you need for it to work smoothly!

The price, $36, is for 6 people, working out at $6 per person.  Divide your group by 6 to work out how many sets to order.

Each retreat activity set for 6 people includes:

  • Beautiful, high-quality, pale and soft birch branch slices, sanded, sustainably sourced in Perm
  • quality acrylic paints
  • small paint brushes
  • splash mat
  • large plastic cups for water
  • disposable paint pallets
  • wipes and a small rubbish bag
  • a link to a Theological Presentation and Demonstration Video that will be emailed to you