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Sample Program

year 10 retreat for catholic school by Brisbane retreat facilitatorDonna Power is a specialist provider of Catholic school retreats for staff and students throughout Brisbane and wider Queensland and beyond.  She offers Christian teachings and retreat experiences in a way that respects the range of faith backgrounds of your staff or students.

The formative experience of the retreat will continue in the lives of your staff and students with visual and musical, tangible and personalised reminders of the day.  Your staff or students will be empowered with a collection of repeatable activities and messages that build their spirituality and therefore resilience capabilities.

Your staff or students will be offered different types of activities that:

  • engage them through listening, speaking, watching, singing, touching, creating, reflecting and writing
  • unpack Scripture in terms of their own personal and communal journey
  • empower them to articulate how Christian values inspire them to be more loving, resilient and hopeful,
  • draw and build on prior knowledge,
  • invite connection to their inner self, each other, the school and God.


Visual Presentations:  original, modern expressions of Scripture, appeal to visual culture

Activities: evidence-based for wellbeing, relationships and resilience, personal reflection, small group sharing

Creative Prayer Experiences:  design symbols of values using interesting materials, meditation, personal and communal prayer

Music: original, live, Christian and communal (for student retreats, and optional for staff retreats)

Games: integrated into retreat theme, hands-on and social learning, fun (for student retreats)

Sample Program

The sample program below follows Donna’s general template for a student retreat.

Year 6 Retreat Day   “Be Strong and Courageous”

“Be strong and courageous for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9
“The one who is the greatest among you must become like the youngest and the leader like the servant” Luke 22:26

Pastoral Goals
To empower the year 6 students to understand more deeply and express how Christian Values will guide their leadership, beyond titles and jobs to an everyday service in their sphere of influence.
To offer the students an experience of Christian community, spirituality and retreat with their cohort and staff.


Session 1

Introductions and Prayer: Donna introduces herself, the retreat scripture and theme and the students introduce themselves to Donna and together they pray for their day.

Input 1: Presentation on Christian leadership with Project Kindy anecdote

Student Response:  Individual reflection on 3 questions connecting servant leadership to their lived experience. Students then share their  thoughts with one peer.

Game: Team-building and servant-leadership followed by student-led reflections

Live Music: Learn Song 1

Session 2

Game: Team-building and servant-leadership followed by student-led reflections

Input 2: Stages of Moral Development (Kholberg re-interpreted) + Jesus’ Noble Values and call to us

Student Stories: During and after the Input, students share their own experiences to illustrate the values at work in their everyday lives.

Creative Response: In small groups, students create leadership goals, mantras and values to remember through the year. Their responses are integrated into a Lion Picture.

Live Music: Revisit Song 1 and Learn Song 2

Session 3

Revisit Theme

Meditation: Relaxation of muscle groups, imagination meditation on being a courageous young lion with parent lion’s (God’s) support.

Prayer Experience:

– Key Scripture + Jesus Values

– APRE input on School charism or pastoral and spiritual goals

– Prayerful Response: Painting Cross Circles – Matching our Hearts to Jesus. Individually, students paint a symbol of their chosen Jesus Value/Mission for their own life.

– Blessing of Students, Lion Picture and Cross Circles as we pray the Our Father

Live Music: Revisit Song 1 and Song 2

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