Brisbane, Queensland AUS


Donna Power designs and delivers quality staff spirituality workshops and full day retreats for Catholic primary and secondary schools in Brisbane and throughout Queensland.

She combines Scripture, modern research and lived experience to deliver relevant and empowering content and activities to your staff.¬† Donna’s strengths are in facilitating interactive sessions to create a “Heart and Spirit Day” experience that unites your staff in an enjoyable way.

Staff Spirituality Program Outcomes:

  • Staff connect positively and meaningfully with each other
  • Staff deepen their understanding of and connection to the person of Jesus Christ
  • Staff engage in various styles of prayer and activities which keeps energy flowing
  • Staff are empowered in their own spirituality journey both personally and communally
  • The story and charism of your school’s religious identity is prayerfully explored
  • Catholic Social Justice Principles are explored through Project Kindy stories (read more here)


“Peace-Building Habits”

“Work-Life Satisfaction”

“Breaking open your School Charism and Values”

“Everyday Social Justice”

Sample Staff Spirituality Day Program 

Tea/coffee on arrival at venue

Session 1:

Welcome and Introduction

Opening Prayer


Quiet Reading based on unique content for your school charism and/or values

Small Group Activity

Session 2

Independent Reflection

Small Group Activity to create symbolic gifts for each other

Guided Meditation

Session 3:

Independent Activity

Creative Prayer Experience

Nuts and Bolts Information

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