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Programs for Early Years

Years 1 & 2 Retreat:  Teamwork

“The Golden Rule” & “Ready to Play”

Following a sequence of exciting, colourful and challenging activities the students practice social and emotional skills with a focus on creativity, cooperation, respect and perseverance.

Years 3 & 4 Retreat:  Skills for Success

“Cool Under Pressure” & “Brave Like a Lion”

Half a day (morning and middle session) of games-based experiential learning focusing on resilience, efficient collaboration with a variety of classmates and problem solving.

Programs for Upper Primary School

Year 5 Retreat:  Positive Relationships

“Every Elephant is Equal”

Students explore the importance of equality and dignity for each child through elephant-themed games, story-telling, music, discussion and liturgy.

Year 6 Retreat:  Leadership Development

“Raise the Bar”

Kohlberg’s stages of moral development provide the scaffolding for students to practice the values and skills for transforming behaviour and habits from self-service to servant-leadership.

Programs for Middle School

Year 7 Retreat:  Community Spirit

“Outsider to Insider”

The retreat day aims to bond the Year 7 cohort together.  Connections are made between students through fun, trust-building games, small group sharing, live music and liturgy.

Year 8 Retreat:  Resilience

“The Gift of Confidence”

Students will find ways to give the gift of confidence to each other and build their own confidence through positive relationships, risk-taking, trust-building, affirmation activities and the Christian Faith.


Year 9 Retreat: Healthy Relationships

“Epic Party: Epic Life”

Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ provides the platform for students to discover how to create safe, caring and joyful experiences of friendship under the guise of ‘How to Create an Epic Party’.

 Programs for High School

Year 10 Retreat: Transition to Adulthood

“Marking the Milestone”

This retreat empowers girls and/or guys to move confidently into maturity with a positive self-image, a sense of purpose in life, encouragement from significant others and grounding in the Christian Faith.


Year 11 Retreat: Positive Self Image


This retreat offers strong messages about identity that honour the whole person. Girls and/or guys will deepen their respect for each other and themselves as they discover their true potential and purpose.


Year 12 Retreat: Connecting to the Sacred

“Graduating with Gratitude”

This retreat day allows the students time to celebrate and honour their journey together, express their gratitude to each other and connect into the Sacred as they take stock and prepare for change.

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