You are a Brave Rebel to believe in God and Humanity

Do you believe every person has God-given dignity?  Do you truly believe that every person has been given immeasurable, sacred value, no matter their economic value?  If you do, be ready for punishment because you are a trouble-maker and a threat to those who wish to have power over others. 

When God-given dignity of the human person is your creed, you lower yourself only to the ultimate Source of life, love, wisdom, peace, joy and light.  As you worship Him, He fills you with hope and inspires and strengthens you to serve other people with freedom and creativity.  He invites you to sacrifice things of smaller value in order to receive Heaven-sent gifts.  You sell the field to gain this treasure.  He integrates you, pulling you back together into wholeness and He empowers you to do the same for others.  Your ultimate goal is to prepare spiritually in your everday life now to be with Him for eternity.

However, there are and always have been certain people in society that insist you denounce that God exists, to bow down to their thoughts and control.  They say there is no God because they themselves want to be your deity.  They cleverly strip away the human dignity of those they see are impediments to their own economic gain.  They are infuriated by Christians who cannot be controlled.

They insist that when a lady finds out she is pregnant, by a medical test designed to confirm that you are actually pregnant, that somehow that new presence in her womb does not deserve to be united in our humanity.  “It” is something ‘not-yet-human’ and so therefore it is not given any sacred, God-given value as an individual person apart from their parents.  ‘It’ is just an idea, something that would become real in the future.  However, if the parent does want ‘it’, then the baby is indeed called a baby and the 3D ultrasounds are celebrated and the parents are congratulated.  They have a very different philosophy about what it is to value human life.

They deny that achievable home ownership is a critical building block of society.  They deny that women are to be protected as a unique gender with unique needs.  They deny that they actively groom and sexualise children and teenagers in the name of sexual freedom. They deny that widespread access to pornography amongst tweens and teens is a massive problem for the future of our society.  They deny that we are in a health crisis even though we have sustained a huge excess death rate for a few years now.  They deny the value of human life when they describe us as ‘pests’ on the earth, and justify poverty, disease, abortion and war in the name of saving the environment.  They want me to agree to policies and ways of doing business that lead to the control of the poor so that the rich can enjoy a life of luxury and economic superiority.  They believe that the ethics of the ‘greater good’ are better than the ‘common good’, but that only works if you’re in or aspire to be in the winners’ group.  It seems to me that there are an ever-smaller group of elite winners and an ever-bigger group of losers in the world today. 

These people are not God.  They are not Jesus.  They think the idea of God is dead and they can fill the void.  They are wrong.  They are foolish.  They will cause chaos, destruction and decay to massive amounts of people.

God the Father, Jesus the Son, the Holy Spirit, the Disciples and original followers of Jesus and all those faithful pilgrims that followed them have taught us what is the wise way to build a healthy society.  It begins with the giving of honour to mothers and fathers, the ascribing of sacred dignity to an individual’s life at conception through to death, the intentional design of a culture that supports families and singles to thrive in all areas of wellbeing, the creation of education that empowers the person and community to thrive, the interconnection of generations within the community, the protection of the rights of workers and the respect of the dignity of work, the provision of excellent and kind medical care and respect for the aged.  No good will come from stripping away the humanity of the unborn, the poor, the sick, the worker or families.

Every person does have God-given dignity as does every family and society as a whole and you are one brave rebel for believing this and worshipping God.  God bless you as you bring light to the darkness, healing to the sick, liberation to the bound, food to the hungry, dignity to the voiceless and value to humanity.

By Donna Power

Donna Power writes for the Experience Wellbeing blog and Mother Effect blog for catholic faith formation for mothers teachers APREs and principals in catholic schools
Donna and her daughters