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Rosary Beads

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Yes!  Your faith is powerful!

"Your family, class or community CRAVES

faith formation that answers their struggles.


Christian spirituality has a heap to offer our wellbeing.

But working out what to do takes time and headspace!


That's where I can help." 


Donna Power

What you'll find here

Rosary beads for children, wooden rosary beads with twine, non-toxic rosary beads

Rosary Beads

You and your children, class or staff will cherish these wooden, colourful, blessed and non-toxic rosary beads.  The comforting message on the cross is, "I am with you".

Online Presentations

You'll enjoy talks and animations that blend empowering theology and wellbeing research to help you and your people through pastoral struggles

Matching Craft Activities

You'll easily provide engaging faith formation activities for your family, class or staff with these craft packages that follow on from the online presentations

What others are saying

Rosary beads for children, wooden rosary beads with twine, non-toxic rosary beads

Belinda: Mum of 3

“I went through the modified rosary with my sons. The booklet looks beautiful. The beads help the kids focus and we enjoy special prayer time together as a family.”

Sonia:  Primary School APRE

“We focus on wellbeing for our staff days so we are very happy to find a match with Donna. The presentation was excellent and our staff enjoyed time to have fun together creating the prayer pieces.”

Jayne:  Primary School APRE

“We use Donna's online presentations and activities for both our staff and year 5 retreat days.  Easy to run, enjoyable and meaningful and saves us a heap of time.