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Catholic Retreats

Hi, I'm Donna Power.  I can assist you in your Catholic mission  through the:

- Integration of your messaging into engaging Faith Formation programs for your staff and students

- Alignment with
Catholic ethos as explained in the National Catholic Education Commission's "Framework for Formation in Mission" and BCE's "Catching Fire Spiritual Formation Framework"   Read more: Catholic Ethos of Retreats

- Facilitation of life-giving retreat experiences such as:

     - engaging with the Gospel message
     - exploring personal stories in light of Gospel values
     - community-building conversation
     - energising, original live group music
     - nourishing Catholic prayer
     - empowering evidence-based wellbeing activities


Catholic faith formation engages and empowers your students and/or staff. Retreats offer participants a special opportunity to develop and be nurtured spiritually.   

Objectives for retreats include participants will:

  – understand Christian stories and values and cultivate their spirituality
  – be empowered in their wellbeing with evidence-based strategies
  – develop as confident, resilient and purposeful people
  – feel affirmed in their own dignity and participate more actively in community
  – connect to the Church and experience prayer
  – have fun together

Year 6

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Year 7

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Year 8 or 9

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Year 10

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Year 11 or 12

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Staff Retreat

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Donna aims to cultivate positive identity, grounded confidence, healthy relationships, servant leadership and Christian values and spirituality.

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

The experience highlighted for me the value in having somebody else facilitate the day.  The students loved the live music very much.

Richard Rogusz
A.P. Mission
St Rita’s

It was a wonderful day and gave us many topics to follow up on with the students. You made some lovely links between values and leadership and was just what we were looking for.

Sally Smith
St Joseph’s Primary
Kangaroo Point


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