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soul is like a campfire

Virtue Ethics in Retreats

The goal of Christian faith formation retreat is to assist the participant to grow in discipleship with Jesus and in community with others so she/he is closer to living a fulfilling life of love.  Virtue Ethics with a Christian perspective is a very helpful in my work as a retreats facilitator because it engages retreat…
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A girls sketch of her soul

Soul Language for Every Soul

How do you define and describe the soul and spirituality for a broad range of people?  The human soul is the life force within each of us, animated by God[1], our spirituality is how we cultivate and express that energy in either healthy or unhealthy ways[2] and the ultimate fulfillment of a healthy spirituality is…
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Jesus and holy spirit painting

Prayer Resources

You may value the below resources designed for your personal prayer and/or prayer of your staff and/or students. Praying the Holy Rosary One Decade at a Time – A gentle, engaging style of prayer that makes the Rosary easy and a bit quicker than the full version.    Praying the Holy Rosary One Decade at a…
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class set of rosary beads

Praying the Rosary with Kids

I found this great article offering some insights into praying the Rosary with children and teenagers.  If you would like a class set of Rosary Beads, please email me as I have class sets for sale at a competitive price.  Reach me at 12 Tips for Praying the Rosary with Kids  posted in: Pray with…
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Free Resources

Enjoy this free 6 minute guided meditation and visualisation to help you decompress and be nourished for your day.  Feel free to share with colleagues and personal friends and family too. Light 6 minutes mp3 Here is a short animation I created to demonstrate the hospitality of Jesus and how simply eating with others can…
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Donna Power

“Inspiring Women” Article on Project Kindy

What a beautiful encouragement for Donna Power from the National Office of the Participation of Women, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.  This article was published in the “Inspirational Women” section of this month’s issue of “Women Matter”. See the full Women Matter issue here “Inspirational Women Here we share with you women who we find inspirational…
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Catholic Leader Article “Donna Responding to Gospel Truth”

July 8, 2014 By Peter Bugden “NEW evangelisation” is a phrase often on the lips of popes and other Church leaders of recent times, but Brisbane Catholic Donna McDade has a slight twist for the work she does among young people. It’s called “super stealth evangelisation”. It’s what happens when she lives her Catholic faith…
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My Long History of Youth Ministry Involvement

Donna Power has been involved in Catholic Retreat Ministries since 1999 when she initiated a youth ministry at her home parish of St William’s, Grovely, Brisbane.  After graduating from her Bachelor of Education at QUT she began her career as a Campus Minister at Siena Catholic College on the Sunshine Coast, just north of Brisbane.…
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This is picture from the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane's website features Donna Power from Experience Wellbeing amongst other youth ministry leaders as they interviewed Donna for an online youth resource which was a wonderful endorsement of her work

Brisbane Archdiocese Video on Youth Ministry (with a brief interview with me)

“Young people and the Church” “Young people are inspirational, open-hearted, vulnerable, creative, intelligent and deeply compassionate. They are Good News for the Church.” Donna Power   on the Brisbane Catholic Archdiocese website

Catholic Bishops Conference Piece on Me

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference created a digital resource to encourage Catholics and I was lucky to be invited to participate. Click here to watch the video interview “Donna Power is a Brisbane-based independent retreat facilitator and musician.  She aims to cultivate positive identity, grounded confidence, healthy relationships, servant leadership and Christian values and spirituality. Donna…
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