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Prayers for Your Pilgrimage

I hope you had a wonderful Easter and holiday and that your pilgrimage through Term 2 is filled with blessings that draw you closer to God. With May approaching, “Mary’s Month”,  you may value the below resources designed for your personal prayer and/or prayer of your staff and/or students. Praying the Holy Rosary One Decade at…
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Strength for Your Spirit

This guided meditation offers a combination of physical postures and key reflective questions to ground, center and empower you (in less than 5 minutes). Grounded and Empowered 4m 30s (meditation) Animation 1 retells the story of Jesus meeting the Samaritan lady at the well and offering her Living Water. Living Water Animated Animation 2 extends…
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Donna Power designs and facilitates catholic and state school retreats and workshops in Brisbane and Queensland

Love Meditation

  Enjoy this simple guided meditation to help you feel calm, centered and filled with love.  Let love take you onto the rest of your day. Love 4m 30s

Free Resources Nov 2017

Welcome!  I hope you enjoy these original resources I have created to help nourish your heart and spirit as you go about your work.  These can be used for your personal wellbeing or public ministry (please acknowledge that I am the creator if using in public). Enjoy this free 6 minute guided meditation and visualisation…
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Good Samaritans

“Good Samaritan schools are very special to me as I have had the privilege of having the presence and influence of several wonderful Good Sam Sisters in my own life.  It is an honour to share in their charism through designing and delivering retreats for their schools.” Donna Shaped by a Parable Painting of ‘Good…
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St Dominic

“Two things I particularly love about the Dominican Spirituality are their devotion to the Holy Rosary and to the quest of veritas (truth).  St Dominic set the path for other saints such as St Catherine of Siena who is one of two female Doctors of the Church.”  Donna St. Dominic St. Dominic was born in…
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Augustinian spirituality for school retreats and concerts by Donna Power


“Augustinian spirituality has much relevance to school communities, offering much insight into how to build a peaceful and meaningful way of life.  It is a privilege to support Queensland Augustinian schools in their mission to educate the whole person.”  Donna The spirituality that is richly expressed in St. Augustine’s writings is one of warmth and…
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Catherine McAuley retreats for sisters of mercy schools in queensland


“Catherine McAuley is a fascinating figure, her story offering much inspiration for those who wish to follow Jesus with integrity and truth.  It is a privilege to share her story with students at Queensland schools founded by the Sisters of Mercy, of which there are many!”  Donna Our Foundress – Catherine McAuley Sisters of Mercy…
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Mary Mackillop influences donna powers retreats for schools founded by the sisters of st joseph


“Mary MacKillop has an incredible legacy in many if not all of our Queensland Catholic Schools, especially those founded by the “Joeys” or Sisters of St Joseph.  It is a pleasure to read from ‘The Little Brown Book’ to find golden insights into Christian living and integrate her messages into school retreats and concerts.” Donna…
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Nano Nagle presentation sisters donna power retreats integrate her story

Founder of Presentation Sisters

“I find Nano Nagle’s life story fascinating, inspiring and encouraging.  When I design and deliver retreats for schools founded by the Presentation Sisters, I integrate Nano’s values and messages into the activities and prayers.” Donna Nano Nagle – Founder of the Presentation Sisters “If I could be of service in serving souls in any part…
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Donna Power

Supporting Canossians

What a beautiful encouragement for Donna Power from the National Office of the Participation of Women, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.  This article was published in the “Inspirational Women” section of this month’s issue of “Women Matter”. See the full Women Matter issue here “Inspirational Women Here we share with you women who we find inspirational…
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Donna Power retreats

School Retreat Program

Spiritual School Retreat Program “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:6-7   The School Retreat Program by Experience Wellbeing’s Donna…
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Movers & Shakers

  “What a great formation experience it was for me to have the privilege of being in the Movers and Shakers team for several years. The leadership team taught me so much and have left quite the legacy in terms of the amount of people involved in youth ministry. Movers and Shakers continues to this…
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Donna Power prayer

Creative Prayer Experiences

Donna Power from Experience Wellbeing designs creative prayer experiences for young people so they are all engaged in sensory-rich exercises.  Retreats are a fantastic opportunity to delve into different forms of prayer than formal liturgies, giving students a valuable exposure to different aspects of Christian life. “I often have 3 or 4 creative prayer stations…
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Donna Power animations


One way Donna Power thoughtfully and creatively connects with young people through her Catholic School Retreats is her original animation repertoire.  Using the program, ‘Sparkol’, she brings stories from Scripture alive and breaks open their meaning in a way that is relevant and age-appropriate for young people. For more information on Donna’s programs click here!

Donna Power from Experience Wellbeing creates and facilitates Catholic School Retreats in Brisbane and wider Queensland

Catholic School Retreats

Donna Power from Experience Wellbeing creates and facilitates Catholic School Retreats in Brisbane and wider Queensland for both primary and secondary schools. Here she has posted a helpful article that explains what Catholic School Retreats are and how to optimise yours (from the Cardinal Clancy Centre for Research in the Spiritual, Moral, Religious and Pastoral…
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Donna Power from Experience Wellbeing creates games that engage young people in her retreats and workshops in Queensland schools

Games Engage

Donna Power from Experience Wellbeing creates games that engage young people at her retreats and workshops.  Boys and girls appreciate the chance to learn by doing and the variety of activities Donna provides keeps them on their toes. Learn more about Donna’s programs by clicking here. The ELearning Industry explains what makes online games effective,…
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Donna Power uses the power of music in her retreats and workshops


  Donna Power from Experience Wellbeing writes catchy songs for young people to create a music festival-type atmosphere at her school retreats and workshops.  It is one of the most powerful elements of her programs.  The sense of wellbeing is increased in young people through active engagement in live music.  The evidence demonstrates this point…
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Engaging Resources for School Retreats

“One of my favourite techniques for affirming young people at my retreats is to give them a symbolic souvenir from the day. I’ve enjoyed painting these star “keys” golden and am looking forward to seeing how the students finish the job on retreat.” Donna Power from Experience Wellbeing creates interesting materials for her Queensland school…
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world day of prayer artwork. Donna Power will be the invited speaker for a Brisbane church service for the World Day of Prayer which was prepared by women in the Philipines.

World Day of Prayer

Donna Power will speak at the World Day of Prayer service at St William’s Catholic Church in Grovely, Brisbane, March 3, 2017. The social justice theme is based on a story in the Gospel of  Matthew about workers in a vineyard receiving equal pay no matter the number of hours worked.  The liturgy has been designed by…
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girls dancing at Donna's original girls programs at siena catholic college by Donna Power of Experience Wellbeing

Original Girls Programs

A 2007 Catholic Leader article on Donna Power’s original Girls Programs at Siena Catholic College, which led her to design retreats at Experience Wellbeing.  Her passion for designing and facilitating Girls Retreats and Workshops began in 2005 as a response to issues such as eating disorders, isolation and stress. For more information about Donna’s current Girls Programs…
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School Retreat Facilitator Brisbane

As a professional, experienced and specialist school retreat facilitator in and from Brisbane, Donna Power (nee McDade) has connected with many Catholic schools and parishes since she began youth ministry in 1999.  School retreats and other workshops and special events have been a passion for the Brisbane-based youth minister.  Now married with a baby daughter,…
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Donna Power uses the power of music in her retreats and workshops

Brisbane Students

With nearly two decades of youth ministry experience, Donna Power from Experience Wellbeing has connected with thousands of Brisbane students and for that matter, Queensland students.  Donna designs and facilitates school retreats for Brisbane Catholic Schools and Education Queensland Schools.  She has led young people from Brisbane primary schools, secondary schools, parishes and community groups…
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Games for Retreats

Games for Retreats With careful attention to safety, Experience Wellbeing games for retreats are designed to engage all students with colourful materials and age-appropriate team challenges.  The games are framed within positive, interactive language called ‘Strategies for Success’.  Each game is chosen for a purpose and serves to invite the students  deeper into the retreat…
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