Donna Power is a facilitator of catholic retreats for catholic schools and organisations
Hi, I’m Donna Power and I can assist you in your Catholic mission, ethos and identity.

About Faith Formation

Catholic faith formation engages and empowers your students and/or staff. Retreats offer participants a special opportunity to develop and be nurtured spiritually.    

I’m like the visiting “aunt” who says the same thing as the “parent” (you) but in a way that is new to the students or staff. An external presenter takes the burden off your shoulders and offers participants a different style of retreat experience.

Objectives for my retreats are that participants will:
  – understand Christian stories and values and cultivate their spirituality
  – be empowered in their wellbeing with evidence-based strategies
  – develop as confident, resilient and purposeful people
  – feel affirmed in their own dignity and participate more actively in community 
  – connect to the Church and experience prayer
  – have fun together

You are called to love and educate the people in your care, lead your staff with a servant-heart, and cultivate a living, breathing Christian ethos for your community.  This very noble mission of yours takes a great deal of enthusiasm, commitment and skill.  At times you can feel energy or time-poor, but overall you are drawn to a life rich in purpose found in loving relationship to your people, Church and God.

You and I share an enthusiastic Catholic faith and an ever-expanding love for young people and staff.  Let me help you provide faith formation experiences that connect well with your people, align with your messaging and are consistent with the expectations of Catholic Education. 

Bonus:  you can tick one big time-consuming job off your very long to-do list!

Let’s chat on the phone 0438510974 or via email at exp.wellbeing@gmail.com or Enquire Here

Donna Power


  • Parishioner of St Joseph’s Catholic Parish, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, QLD
  • Experience Wellbeing retreats since 2013
  • Current postgrad @ ACU, Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Catholic Culture
  • 10 years as Campus Minister at Siena Catholic College, Sunshine Coast
  • Primary School Teacher (supply) at Education Queensland (Bach Ed Primary at QUT 2002)

“The BCE approach to wellbeing is strongly grounded in Catholic Christian beliefs and values. Wellbeing is defined as an ongoing experience of wholeness and hope that is integral to learning and ultimately, to overall health and life success. It relates to the interconnectedness of physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions within the person. Wellbeing encompasses nurturing the self, giving to others, and building and celebrating community.”

“The schools and colleges of the Archdiocese of Brisbane aspire to educate and form students who are challenged to live the gospel of Jesus Christ and who are literate in the Catholic and broader Christian tradition so that they might participate critically and authentically in faith contexts and wider society. ”

Sources: Brisbane Catholic Education Website http://www.bne.catholic.edu.au/students-parents/Pages/GuidanceCounselling.aspx and p10. Religious Education, Archdiocese of Brisbane Curriculum, P-12