About Donna Power

Who are you and what do you do?

Donna Power is a facilitator of catholic retreats for catholic schools and organisations

Hi, I’m Donna and I create engaging, enjoyable and empowering online resources for the faith formation of your students, staff, family and/or organisation.

For many years I have deeply cared about how Christian spirituality can strengthen the wellbeing of individuals, families, schools and communities with more love, resilience, purpose, social justice, hope and joy. See my background below.

I spend hours working out how to encourage children, teenagers and adults with dignifying messages from our Faith, hands-on prayer experiences, great music, connections within their community and empowering self-reflection exercises.

Why do you do it?

What keeps me up at night is worrying about the suffering and isolation of young people and adults and working out how to:

  • affirm their dignity,
  • heal their pain,
  • inspire their mission for servant-leadership,
  • open the way for their hearts to receive love from God
  • and welcome and encourage them as members of our diverse pilgrim church out in the world.

How Can You Help Me?

You’re doing amazing work day-in-day-out, whether you are overcoming your own obstacles and/or caring for young people or adults in a school, organisation or in your personal life. I can help you in your mission to love by providing ready-made, beautiful and engaging online retreats, Rosary resources, prayer materials and special Rosary Beads.

My resources take the time-consuming burden of planning off your shoulders and make it easy for you to provide meaningful faith formation experiences for your students, staff, organisation or family.

All activities are evidence-based and aligned with the Catholic Ethos and Theology of NCEC’s framework for faith formation with adults and BCE’s faith formation withs students.

What is the Next Step?

Grab your free resources straight to your inbox! I made beautiful, modern Modified Scriptural Rosary PDFs and PowerPoints for you to use straight away.

Let’s chat on the phone 0438510974 or via email at expwell@outlook.com or Enquire Online.

Or simply head to my Online Shop and order your Rosary Beads, Online Retreats or other Prayer Materials.

I hope to help you soon. I’m praying for you already.

Donna Power

Qualifications and Experience

Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership and Catholic Culture through ACU

Certificate III in Systematic Theology through IFE

Bachelor of Education (Primary) through QUT and registered teacher

10 years as Campus Minister at Siena Catholic College

10+ years in Catholic youth ministry roles

Founder of Project Kindy charity for kindergarten children in Malawi, Africa since 2011

Professional Singer and Songwriter of catchy, meaningful and fun youth ministry songs

Life experience as wife, mother, aunt, sister, daughter, cousin and friend


To help people flourish through enjoyable, meaningful and empowering Catholic faith formation and wellbeing experiences.


To build confidence, resilience and wellbeing in students, staff and families through:

  • the cultivation of Gospel values in everyday life,
  • the expansion of love for self and communities,
  • the deepening of connection with Jesus who loves us and leads our mission
  • and creative participation in our pilgrim, changing, faith-filled Church.


Love, Creativity, Empowerment, Human Dignity, Faith, Servant Leadership, Common Good, Joy

Guiding Principles of Faith Formation

Start with love, continue with love.

Faith Formation affirms the Human Dignity of every participant unconditionally and aims to help them to flourish as human beings for the Common Good.

Participants thrive when their stories are listened to, their whole selves are accepted and their strengths are affirmed. This develops a sense of belonging and purpose in the community.

Christian stories, principles and values are most meaningful to participants when explored through their own experience and when their community intentionally and explicitly strives for a Christian ethos.

Hearts and spirits are specially opened through the experience of communal, live music, modern creative media and real-life stories that demonstrate Catholic Social Teaching Principles.

Faith Formation experiences of spiritual practices on the day are exponentially more effective when supported by ongoing, resourced personal and communal practise of spirituality skills.

Evidence-based, empowering wellbeing strategies become ‘water turned into wine’ when taught within the identity-affirming, whole-person encompassing, spiritual context of following Jesus for fullness of life for all.

Catholic theological anthropology and social teaching strengthen the resilience of participants by offering a positive, loving, grounded and transcendent identity in relationship with God and others.

Faith Formation empowers participants to contribute more intentionally to the life-giving culture of their communities with a deepened sense of purpose for working for the Common Good.

Finding new ways to follow Jesus personally and communally builds resilience as participants are strengthened by growing in God’s love and by joining our large, diverse and creative pilgrim Church community. God’s mission has a Church, not the other way around.

Faith Formation is not complete until participants experience a sense of joy, fun and hospitality.