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You will receive a 5 part series of resources including prayer activities, social justice lessons, faith formation animations, guided meditations and articles. e.g. First of all, you’ll receive my Modified Scriptural Rosary resources (1 for students and 1 for staff) complete with modern artwork, instructions and extra prayer ideas.  The PDFs are ready to print and the PowerPoint Presentation is ready to use as soon as the file links land in your email.  Each term I will send you more free resources to support you. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Free Classroom Resources for Catholic Faith Formation

  • Scriptural passages read at each bead deepen insight into and connection with stories of Jesus and Mary
  • Spontaneous Prayer between each bead engages the group as they make the prayer their own
  • Simplified Prayers introduce group to the Holy Rosary and hopefully lead to praying the full version
  • Colourful, modern illustrations deepen understanding and contemplation
  • Beads engage the sense of touch, focus minds and give spirits a sense of centredness and peace
  • Chanting the Hail Mary engages sense of hearing especially if the group prays in two parts
  • Grace and love from God and the Church is offered to all through the Rosary
  • FREE printable as booklets or single sheets + easy-to-use PowerPoint presentation