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Donna Power catholic school retreats facilitator article by Peter Budgen in the Catholic Leader, Brisbane.
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Donna Power from Experience Wellbeing Catholic school retreat facilitator in the Brisbane Catholic Archiocese article on Project Kindy by council for australian catholic women
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Donna Power from Experience Wellbeing Catholic school retreat facilitator in Brisbane Archdiocese video on young people and the church by Brisbane Catholic Archdiocese
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“Donna’s passion, talent and skills shine through every time she runs a retreat at our school. She’s in her element and our staff and students love her.” – Jane, Primary School APRE

“Our staff loved the chance to connect with each other in ways we don’t normally have time for. Donna’s enthusiasm, creativity and warmth is refreshing.” Kate, Primary School APRE

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference:

“Donna Power is a Brisbane-based independent retreat facilitator and musician.  She aims to cultivate positive identity, grounded confidence, healthy relationships, servant leadership and Christian values and spirituality.”

Michael Fitzpatrick (Retreat Facilitator for Catholic Schools):

“Donna is a creative and talented person who has that very rare ability to engage young people at their level – with great integrity. She has immense optimism and enthusiasm, truly showing the joy that should be part of life. Donna is very experienced in her craft and shows a grounded and integrated approach to spirituality. Life and faith are not separated or compartmentalised in her work. Under her guidance, people have developed into more resilient, more generous and more outwardly-focused members of their communities.”

Fr Morgan Batt:

“Donna Power of Experience Wellbeing is a faith-filled, thought-provoking, lateral-thinking, and team-working person interested in the Church, mission, faith, wellbeing and development of the human person as a potential in God’s Kingdom. I would highly recommend Donna and her process.”

Father Wally Dethlefs AM:

“I highly recommend Donna Power.  She relates well with young people and has lots to offer them. As well as being gifted musically Donna is a life-giver and hope-giver to young people especially those who are struggling with very difficult situations. Donna, through her personality, gifts, and faith radiates hope and wellbeing. I highly recommend her and her programs.”

Penny Carroll (Lecturer and Counsellor):

“The name, ‘Experience Wellbeing’, conveys Donna’s holistic approach to education and the power of the experiential nature of how she works. She is not about giving concepts only but about drawing young people and those on staffs into an ever-deepening experience of life.”

Lindell Johnstone (APRE):

“Donna is an amazingly gifted person, whose commitment to modelling authentic Christian leadership has enables her to forge strong and sustainable connections with young men and women.  The passion, energy and creativity which Donna has invested into working with the youth in both school and parish life has been life changing for them and is testament to her integrity and dedication to supporting young people in their spiritual journey.”

Patrick Toohey (Head of Students, Siena Catholic College):

“I cannot talk more highly of Donna’s passion for education and for young people and her professionalism in her dealings with members of the community. Her rapport with people of all ages and mindsets is exemplary. She has a calm manner which coupled with her high expectations and support of students, allows her to bring out the best in her students.”

Graeme Hight (Principal of Siena Catholic College when Donna worked there):

“Donna possesses unique skills and a vibrant personality that really draw young people to her. She is very much in touch with their world of music and technology and uses  these to lead students through many thought-provoking and inspiring programs involving personal spirituality, leadership, social justice and resilience.”

Marilyn Carmody (APRE):

“Donna’s deep personal Faith, her warmth and easiness with kids and her great teaching techniques gave our kids a day to remember. In a fun and caring way the Gospel of Jesus came to life and their part in this Good News was very clear to them!  I would totally recommend Donna’s work to other parishes and schools.”

Veronica Bayliss (Teacher):

“Donna’s love of music involves students immediately.  She has an open, delightful nature that is a true asset when dealing with teenagers. Her professionalism, honesty and integrity are unquestioned.”

Bill Kelly (Year 10 Co-ordinator):

“I wish I could bottle some of Donna’s magic!  She has the ability to connect and work with young adults and help them make a bit more sense of their world.  She does this not through lecture and timely advice; but by listening, being present and example.”

Fr Frank Lourigan:

“Donna Power is a pearl of great price.  Sell the field and buy her.  She is good news. She is a change agent. “

Fr John Chalmers:

“Donna Power is energetically alive and endlessly imaginative in offering new eyes (and old ones too) fleeting yet attractive glimpses not only of the Gospel, but of the Living Word of God, Jesus the Christ.”

The Nomination for The “Spirit of Catholic Education” Award 2007 (by Siena colleagues):

“Donna is an outstanding member of the community…  She has an incredibly visible and transparent relationship with God, which carries over into every aspect of her life…  She works tirelessly for the young people in our community… They trust and respect her and she listens with an open heart and mind to everyone…

In the last four years, our school has experienced grief on a number of different levels including the death of 2 students and our principal and the disappearance of Daniel Morcombe. Donna has guided our community through these very difficult times with enormous strength and compassion and a tender and loving heart.  This was an enormous responsibility for one so young….  Donna is truly an example of Christ’s servant leadership.”

Deborah Hirst (Teacher, Education Queensland):

“On behalf of the teachers at Ithaca Creek State school, I recommend Donna Power’s work as she has tailored and facilitated highly successful programs for our Years 1-4 students.  Her team-building exercises are fun and thought-provoking and she ably integrates our curriculum themes on request.  The children are deeply engaged as her activities are pitched perfectly.”