Online Retreats

Year 5 or 6 Retreat:  Leadership  

Be Strong and Courageous Year 5 or 6 online retreat for christian and catholic primary school retreats by Donna Power at Experience Wellbeing in Brisbane suitable for year 6 leadership retreat activities

Your students will be inspired and encouraged to be servant leaders who work for the common good, protect the vulnerable and confidently claim their position as everyday leader.   They will learn about servant leadership by reflecting on their experience during teamwork games and live music, animations, Project Kindy stories and by creating their own mission commitments personally and as a group.  The songs, games, activities, prayers and input give your students an opportunity to develop their skills and understanding of Christian leadership. Your students will also receive “I am With You” Rosary Beads and booklet as an invitation for continuing on their faith formation.

Year 7, 8 or 9 Retreat:  Healthy Relationships and Confidence

The Welcome Effect middle school retreat for christian and catholic schools year 7 retreat year 8 retreat year 9 retreat program all online retreat activities by Donna Power at Experience Wellbeing

Your students will be inspired by neuroscience and the proven effects of welcoming and being welcomed. Your students will enjoy ‘being seen’ and affirmed by one another and creating a more positive culture together. This retreat is aimed at Year 7s, Year 8s and Year 9s and offers a variety of engaging activities. The craft activity is to make “Welcome Effect Bands” out of twisted cotton, ribbon and wooden beads which serve to affirm their strengths and encourage your students to shine their lights. The scripture is the famous prose on love in Corinthians 13.

Year 7, 8 or 9 Retreat:  Healthy Relationships and Confidence

I am Wonderful LIght and Powerful Salt online retreat inspired by you are salt of the earth and light for the world scripture year 7 retreat year 8 retreat year 9 retreat full day of activities for catholic and christian schools and all online by Donna Power of Experience Wellbeing in Brisbane

Inspired by Jesus’ sermon on the mount, your students will deepen their understanding of how to build positive relationships and self-confidence in a ‘salt of the earth’ kind of way. The input and activities draw on Noble Gospel Values, Catholic theological anthropology and evidence-based recommendations from research on resilience and relationships. The retreat will invite your students to bring out the best in themselves and each other under the loving guidance of God. 

Year 10, 11 or 12 Retreat: Resilience

Your students will be invited to explore how to be their best selves, armed with strategies to develop their skills in spirituality, relationships and resilience. The input and activities are designed around wisdom found in Genesis, Catholic theological anthropology and research on wholehearted, resilient living.  Your students will reflect on their own stories and connect in with God’s story. Your students will enjoy a deeper experience of prayer together and individually.

Staff Retreat: Work/Life Satisfaction

Your staff will enjoy a variety of experiences that invite them to engage more deeply with their own stories, with each other, with your school ethos and the Catholic faith. They will explore what it means to find peace amongst the demands of work and life through cultivating noble Gospel values and spirituality. The chance to connect together in small groups and to share more deeply with each other is something that your time-poor staff will really enjoy.