11 Online Retreats for Awakening and Self-Discovery

At https://experience-wellbeing.com, we offer a variety of online retreats designed to help individuals awaken to their true nature and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Whether you’re new to meditation or have years of experience, our retreats provide a supportive environment for deepening your practice and exploring the depths of your being. With a commitment to continuous practice and a single-pointed intention, our retreats offer a transformative experience that can lead to the realization of Samadhi, an evolutionary stage in human development.

The Perennial Wisdom of Awakening

The foundation of our retreats is rooted in the perennial wisdom that teaches us to let go of the preferences of the ego and enter into a “don’t know mind.” By learning to die before we die, we can awaken to our true nature and experience the primordial awareness that is always present. Through meditation, self-inquiry, and other practices, we strip away illusions and uncover the truth of who we are.

A Commitment to Continuous Practice

Our retreats require a total commitment to engage in continuous practice for a specified period of time, typically 7 days. During this time, participants are encouraged to put aside their daily lives and fully immerse themselves in the retreat experience. This level of dedication allows for a deep exploration of the self and a greater potential for awakening.

Freeing Oneself from Conditioned Patterns

As part of the awakening process, participants may encounter samskaras, which are energetic knots that bind us to a false sense of self. These conditioned patterns, including repressed emotions, traumas, and incomplete experiences, can arise during the retreat. Our retreats provide a space for these experiences to be purified and released, leading to greater equanimity and freedom from identification with the ego.

Embracing Discomfort for Growth

To fully benefit from our retreats, participants must be willing to move beyond their patterns of seeking comfort and avoiding pain. This willingness to embrace discomfort allows for the deep transformation and healing that can occur during the retreat. Our practices and teachings are not meant to add more doing to the conditioned mind or to achieve a specific outcome, but rather to reveal the truth of our being.

Retreat Options and Pricing

We offer a variety of retreat options to accommodate different budgets and circumstances. Our recommended donation for a 7-day retreat is $200. For those who wish to pay it forward and cover the cost of another person’s retreat, we offer a donation option of $400. We also have a reduced rate of $100 for individuals experiencing financial difficulty.

Scholarships for Accessibility

At https://experience-wellbeing.com, we believe in making the dharma (spiritual teachings) accessible to all. In the spirit of ancient traditions, we offer full scholarships to individuals who genuinely feel called to our retreats but are unable to afford the cost. If you are interested in a scholarship, please email contact@experience-wellbeing.com for more information.

Time Zone Considerations

Our live retreats begin at 1PM EST (Eastern Standard Time, or New York Time) UTC -5. However, if you are unable to participate in the live sessions due to time zone differences, we provide recordings of the retreats in a playlist format. This allows individuals in different time zones to create their own retreat experience at a later time that is convenient for them.

Refund Policy and Recordings

Once a retreat has begun, we are unable to provide refunds. However, we offer full refunds for cancellations made before the retreat start date. Additionally, all retreat sessions are recorded and made available in a playlist format for participants to access indefinitely. This allows for the re-creation of the retreat experience at any time and ensures that participants have ongoing access to the teachings and practices.

Multi-Language Support

To accommodate participants from diverse linguistic backgrounds, we provide live translated captions for our Zoom meetings. This feature allows for real-time translation of the English teachings and Q&A sessions into multiple languages, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and more. We are continually adding new languages to our translation capabilities to ensure that all participants can fully engage in the retreat experience.

Additional Language Options

In addition to live translation, we also offer recorded videos in various languages. Currently, we have translations available in Arabic, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Czech, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. These recorded videos allow individuals who prefer to learn in their native language to engage with the retreat content.

Ensuring Privacy and Confidentiality

During the retreat, Q&A sessions and question periods may be recorded for the benefit of other participants. These recorded videos will not be made public but will be shared within the retreat community. Please be aware that Zoom will announce any sessions that are being recorded. If you have concerns about appearing in a video, you can connect with us privately or choose to turn off your video and change your name during the recorded sessions.

Important Considerations and Precautions

While meditation and self-inquiry practices can be beneficial for most individuals, it’s essential to address any unresolved trauma, depression, anxiety, or significant losses before participating in a retreat. These practices are not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment, and individuals with certain diagnoses or on specific medications may not be suitable for our retreats. If you are unsure whether a meditation retreat is right for you, please reach out to us at contact@experience-wellbeing.com for guidance and support.

Schedule of Retreat Activities

Our retreats offer a variety of activities designed to support deep inner exploration and self-discovery. Some elements you can expect during our retreats include:

Continuous Inquiry

For seven days, participants engage in continuous, unbroken practice, even during daily activities. The intention is to directly experience one’s true nature throughout the retreat, fostering a deeper connection with the essence of being.

Noble Silence

A time-tested practice, noble silence creates a container for orienting towards the inner worlds and avoiding activation of the conditioned thinking mind. This silence allows for a deeper immersion into the retreat experience.

Group Process

Sharing and learning from others’ experiences on the spiritual path can be incredibly valuable. Our retreats include dedicated time for group process, where participants have the opportunity to receive guidance and clarification on their journey.


Meditation is the foundational practice for realizing one’s true nature. Our retreats include five hours of meditation each day, providing ample opportunity for deepening your practice and cultivating inner peace and clarity.

Self Inquiry Dyads

In the self-inquiry dyads practice, participants work in pairs, taking turns as a witness and engaging in deep inner investigation. This method creates conditions that challenge the ego structure and facilitate the realization of one’s true nature. For pre-recorded retreats, participants are responsible for finding their own dyad partner.

Sound Healing

During specific periods of lying down meditation, participants can experience the healing vibrations of sound. This practice is enhanced with the use of headphones or a high-quality sound source, allowing for a more profound and transformative experience.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, also known as sleeping yoga or meditation, guides participants into a deep state of relaxation and awareness. This practice taps into the sleep cycle, facilitating rejuvenation and self-discovery.

Breath Work

Conscious breathwork techniques are utilized during the retreat to release deep-seated samskaras. By working with the breath, participants can unlock and release energetic patterns, leading to greater freedom and clarity.

Join Us for an Online Retreat

If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and awakening, we invite you to join us for one of our online retreats. At https://experience-wellbeing.com, we are committed to providing a supportive and transformative experience for all participants, regardless of their level of experience or financial circumstances. Contact us today to learn more about our retreats and discover the path to awakening your true nature.