62 Liturgy of the Hours in 2023

The Liturgy of the Hours is a rich tradition of prayer that has been practiced by the Catholic Church for centuries. It is a way for the faithful to sanctify the day by praying at various times throughout the day. In this article, we will explore 62 Liturgy of the Hours podcasts that are worth listening to in 2023. These podcasts offer a variety of perspectives, insights, and reflections on the Liturgy of the Hours, providing a valuable resource for those seeking to deepen their prayer life. So, whether you are new to the Liturgy of the Hours or a seasoned practitioner, these podcasts are sure to inspire and enrich your prayer experience.

New York, US

Trinity Church Wall Street

A candlelit service of music and prayers, based on the liturgy used for centuries by monastic communities to end the day. It is both ancient and contemporary, with chant and newly-composed music sung by members of the Trinity Choir.

Alabama, US

Center for Worship and the Arts at Samford University

Compline: Evening Liturgies for Anxious Souls is a meditative prayer service offered Sunday through Thursday evenings. Based on the ancient practice of Praying the Hours, Compline features original music and the curation of scripture and prayers built into an invitation to commune with God in a time of reflection, quiet, and stillness at the end of the day in our anxious age.

Steubenville, Ohio, US

St. Paul Center

The Road to Emmaus with Scott Hahn presents the deeply biblical roots of Catholic teaching and practice. Join him to learn how Sacred Scripture forms and informs our notions of morality and spirituality, liturgy and the sacraments, and so much more.

Portland, Oregon, US

Liturgy Podcast

Liturgy Podcast is a weekly liturgy planning resource for musicians, liturgists, homilists, youth groups, faith sharing groups, and all who look to the liturgical readings for inspiration and nourishment.

Praystation Portable

With this podcast, you can turn any portable media player into a ‘Praystation Portable ‘. When you subscribe to the feed, you’ll be able to download a daily morning and evening prayer that you can take with you on the road. The prayers are taken from the Catholic Liturgy of the Hours.

Omaha, Nebraska, US

The Daily Liturgy Podcast

The Daily Liturgy Podcast provides Christians with a historically informed and biblically rich daily devotional in audio format.

Bonsai Book of Common Prayer

A Psalm (or part of one), an Old Testament Reading, and a New Testament reading each day. Start with the Apostles’ Creed, end with the Lord’s Prayer. Scriptures from the New Living Translation.

Boulder, Colorado, US

Pray Liturgy

Pray along with the Liturgy of the Hours, the song of praise to the Holy Trinity sung by the Church in union with Jesus Christ, our High Priest. Grow in holiness by praying Psalms, Bible readings, intercessions, meditations, and hymns, united to the Church in time and eternity.

Mundelein, Illinois, US

Liturgy Guys

Christopher Carstens and Dr. Denis McNamara, faculty members at the Liturgical Institute, sit down with host Jesse Weiler every week to talk about Catholic Liturgy. At the end of each episode, our Liturgy experts will take time to answer listener-submitted questions.

Utah, US

Scripture and Liturgy

Free audio of daily scripture, psalms, prayers, and music. Pray with us, we are praying for you.

Houston, Texas, US

Soulfull Sundays

Soulfull Sundays is a weekly worship gathering at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Houston, TX. This podcast is a glimpse into our weekly 5pm liturgy, with a Scripture reading, homily, and musical worship.

Bloom Church

A guided liturgy podcast that includes scripture, prayer, discussion, and original songs from the Bloom community.

Chesterton, Indiana, US

The Second Liturgy

Encountering Christ at the Table of the Poor – What would happen if we were to devote ourselves to the second altar as we do to the first altar? Together, let’s explore how we can partake fully, not just on Sundays, but also with our encounters with all people, especially those in need, throughout the week. We invite you to join us at The Second Liturgy.

Maryland, US

Open Your Hymnal

Through interviews with composers, text writers, and more, ‘Open Your Hymnal’ explores the most consequential liturgical music heard in churches around the world.

Austin, Texas, US


Welcome to Lit, a podcast dedicated to the life, liturgy, and the pursuit of holiness. I’m Brin, and I’m Justin, and we’re coming to you from beautiful Austin, TX where each week we’re talking about liturgy in everything from daily living to following Christ, and all the places we strive (and sometimes struggle) to find God in our common life.

Canton, Ohio, US

Proclaiming the Truth

Living Bread Radio

Silver Spring, Maryland, US

Ministry Monday

An indispensable resource for all those engaged in ministry, this weekly podcast covers important practical issues for today’s parish ministers.

These 62 Liturgy of the Hours podcasts offer a diverse range of perspectives, insights, and reflections on the practice of the Liturgy of the Hours. Whether you are new to this form of prayer or have been practicing it for years, these podcasts provide valuable resources for deepening your understanding and experience of the Liturgy of the Hours. So, take some time to explore these podcasts and incorporate them into your daily prayer routine in 2023.