78 Catholic Retreats in 2023


In 2023, Catholics around the world will have the opportunity to participate in 78 Catholic retreats. These retreats provide a space for reflection, prayer, and spiritual growth. They offer a chance to deepen one’s relationship with God and strengthen one’s faith. The retreats vary in length, location, and focus, providing a diverse range of options for individuals seeking a retreat experience.

The Importance of Retreats

Retreats have long been a part of the Catholic tradition, offering believers a chance to step away from the busyness of everyday life and focus on their spiritual journey. They provide a time of solitude and reflection, allowing individuals to deepen their relationship with God and gain a deeper understanding of their faith.

Benefits of Retreats

Participating in a Catholic retreat can have numerous benefits for individuals. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. Spiritual Growth: Retreats provide an opportunity for individuals to deepen their spiritual journey and strengthen their relationship with God. Through prayer, reflection, and guidance from spiritual directors, participants can grow in their faith and gain a deeper understanding of their spirituality.

  2. Renewal: Retreats offer a chance to step away from the busyness of life and recharge. They provide a space for rest and rejuvenation, allowing individuals to return to their daily lives with a renewed sense of purpose and energy.

  3. Community: Retreats often bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. This community aspect provides a supportive environment for individuals to connect with others who share their faith and values. The bonds formed during a retreat can be long-lasting and provide ongoing support in one’s spiritual journey.

  4. Guidance: Retreats are typically led by experienced spiritual directors or clergy members who provide guidance and support throughout the retreat. Their wisdom and insights can help individuals navigate challenges, answer questions, and provide spiritual direction.

The Fraterna Domus Retreat Center

One of the notable retreat centers hosting Catholic retreats in 2023 is the Fraterna Domus Retreat Center. Located in Rome, Italy, this center offers a tranquil setting for individuals to retreat and focus on their spiritual growth.

Daily Schedule

Each day at the Fraterna Domus Retreat Center begins with morning prayer and concludes with Mass. Participants have the opportunity to engage in two daily meditations led by Benedictine Mother Ignazia Angelini and Radcliffe. The afternoons are set aside for “group meetings for conversation in the Spirit,” providing a space for participants to engage in dialogue and reflection.

Homilies and Meditations

During the retreat, homilies and meditations are delivered by various bishops and priests. Australian Bishop Anthony Randazzo of Broken Bay gave the homily for the Mass on Oct. 2, while Canadian Bishop Raymond Poisson of Saint-Jérôme–Mont-Laurier preached at the Oct. 1 Mass.

In his homily, Bishop Poisson emphasized the importance of unity within the Church. He stated, “The world is in need to see a Church thriving to be faithful to unity. Therefore, the search for unity must be put into practice on a daily basis.” He encouraged participants to embrace unity and become true witnesses of God’s love for the world.

Radcliffe also highlighted the need for unity in his meditations during the retreat. He urged participants to “leap across the boundaries, not just of left and right, or cultural boundaries, but generational boundaries, too.” He emphasized the importance of reaching out to the secular world and engaging with younger generations who are discovering the Gospel and the Church.

The Power of Friendship

Radcliffe emphasized the power of friendship and community during the synod retreat. He encouraged synod delegates to befriend one another and openly share their worries and doubts. He stated, “The foundation of all that we shall do in this synod should be the friendships we create. It is by friendship that we shall make the transition from ‘I’ to ‘we.’ Without it, we shall achieve nothing.”

Radcliffe also acknowledged the potential media interpretation of the synod and its outcomes. He remarked, “During our synodal journey, we may worry whether we are achieving anything. The media will probably decide that it was all a waste of time, just words.” However, he emphasized that the true focus should be on the hope that the synod will lead to a renewal of the Church and a closer bond among its members.

The Transfiguration Experience

Radcliffe compared the synod retreat to the Gospel experience of the Transfiguration. He described it as “the retreat Jesus gives to his closest disciples before they embark on the first synod in the life of the Church when they walk together (syn-hodos) to Jerusalem.” He highlighted the hope and transformation experienced by the disciples during this event, stating that it makes the conflicts and disagreements within the Church seem minor in comparison.


The 78 Catholic retreats in 2023 provide individuals with the opportunity to deepen their faith, grow spiritually, and connect with a supportive community. Retreats such as those offered at the Fraterna Domus Retreat Center allow participants to engage in prayer, reflection, and dialogue, fostering unity and understanding within the Church. As participants embark on their retreat journeys, they are encouraged to embrace friendship, share their worries and doubts, and foster a spirit of unity and love. Through these retreat experiences, individuals can renew their faith, deepen their relationship with God, and become true witnesses of God’s love for the world.

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