Evening Prayer

In the quiet moments of the evening, many of us find solace in prayer. It is a time to connect with our Heavenly Father, expressing gratitude and seeking His protection and guidance. This evening prayer is a powerful way to enter into His presence and cover ourselves, our loved ones, and our surroundings with His divine shield. Let us dive into this prayer, step by step, as we seek the Lord’s presence and protection.


Prayer is not just a formality; it is an intimate conversation with God. As we enter into His gates, we do so with thanksgiving and praise. This act of gratitude sets the tone for our prayer, acknowledging that God is worthy, holy, righteous, and just. With a heart full of praise, we can confidently approach the throne of grace.

Entering into God’s Presence

  1. “Father, I come before you in prayer. I enter into your gates with thanksgiving and enter into your courts with praise.”

Pleading the Blood of Jesus

The blood of Jesus holds immense power and victory over the enemy. It is a symbol of cleansing, healing, and redemption. As believers, we can apply the blood of Jesus to every aspect of our lives, invoking its protection and covering.

  1. “I plead the blood of Jesus over myself, my dwelling place, my spouse, my children, my car, my bank account, and everything under my stewardship.”

Angelic Protection

God’s heavenly hosts, His angels, are sent to guard and protect us. They surround us, both above and below, shielding us from every dimensional access point. By calling upon their presence, we invite their protection into our lives.

  1. “I pray that your heavenly hosts, your angels, would guard this dwelling place round about, both above and below and against every dimensional access point in Jesus’ name.”

Finding Refuge in God

In times of trouble, we can always find refuge in God. He is our safe haven, our fortress, and our trust. By declaring His refuge and fortress over ourselves, we affirm our complete reliance on Him.

  1. “I will say of the Lord that you are my refuge and my fortress, my God, in you will I trust.”

A Hedge of Protection

God promises to set a hedge of protection around His children. This divine shield keeps us safe from harm and shields us from any plagues or dangers that may come our way.

  1. “I thank you that you set a hedge of protection round about me and that no plague will come near my dwelling.”

Reversing Demonic Attacks

The enemy often uses curses, hexes, spells, and other forms of demonic activity to attack believers. However, through the power of Jesus, we can reverse these attacks upon the heads of the senders. By invoking this prayer, we not only protect ourselves but also make the enemy aware of the supremacy of Jesus.

  1. “I thank you in advance that every curse, hex, spell, incantation, voodoo, sorcery, form of witchcraft, dark art, or other forms of weaponized demonic activity sent against me would be reversed upon the heads of the senders seven-fold that they would know that Jesus is Lord.”

Apprehending Malevolent Spirits

Demons and fallen angels seek to harm and disrupt the lives of believers. However, we have the authority to command angels to apprehend these spirits and escort them away from us. By doing so, we ensure that they cannot harm us or set foot upon our property.

  1. “Moreover, I pray that every human spirit, fallen angelic spirit, or otherwise malevolent spirit attempting to come against me or my household would be apprehended by your heavenly hosts such that they cannot so much as set foot upon this property.”

Divine Chastisement

When dealing with powerful spirits, we can call upon God’s arrows and lightning to discomfit them. By invoking these heavenly weapons, we ensure that any spiritual attack is met with divine chastisement and defeat.

  1. “I pray that they would be escorted out to wherever the Lord Jesus sends them, pierced through with many arrows and discomfited by your lightning in the process, that they would know that Jesus is Lord.”

Protection from Psychic Intrusion

Psychic and telepathic intrusion can be unsettling and disruptive to our peace of mind. By canceling and rendering powerless these attempts at mind-to-mind communication, we safeguard ourselves from unwanted spiritual influence.

  1. “Furthermore, I cancel and render powerless all attempts at mind-to-mind communication, dream manipulation, and all other forms of psychic and telepathic intrusion in the name of Jesus.”

Inspired Dreams and Restful Sleep

God often speaks to His children through dreams. By praying for inspiration from the Holy Spirit, we invite God to speak to us in our dreams. Additionally, we can declare that our sleep will be sweet, uninterrupted, and that we will wake up well-rested.

  1. “I thank you that all of my dreams are inspired by your Holy Spirit. I declare that my sleep will be sweet, uninterrupted and that upon waking, I will be well-rested.”

Putting on the Armor of Light

In the spiritual realm, we are called to put on the armor of light. This armor protects us from the attacks of the enemy, ensuring that we can stand firm in our faith.

  1. “I also put on the armor of light. I take up the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, I declare that my feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, and I take up the shield of faith to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one, and the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.”


As we conclude this evening prayer, let us remember the power and authority we have in the name of Jesus. By asking everything in His name, we tap into the very character and supremacy of our Lord. May this prayer be a source of comfort, protection, and divine connection as we rest in the arms of our Heavenly Father.

  1. “I pray all of this in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.”

In times of uncertainty and darkness, prayer can be a powerful tool. Through this evening prayer, we can find solace, protection, and guidance in the presence of God. Let us embrace the power of prayer and the intimate connection it offers us with our Heavenly Father. May His peace and protection cover us as we rest in His loving arms.