A Feast Every Sunday Art at Blessed Sacrament Church, Oakland Park


Blessed Sacrament Church in Oakland Park is a place of deep spirituality and reverence for the Eucharist. While the church does not have a specific patron saint, it celebrates 52 feast days throughout the year, with every Sunday being a feast day in honor of the Eucharist. This article explores the significance of the Eucharist in Catholicism and the rich history and artistry of Blessed Sacrament Church.

The Pre-Eminence of the Eucharist

In Catholicism, the Eucharist holds a special place among the seven sacraments. It is considered the body and blood of Christ, a sacred and transformative experience for believers. Prior to the 12th century, Holy Communion was primarily reserved for the sick and emergencies. However, as more parishioners desired to see and worship Christ in the sacrament, the practice of receiving the Eucharist became more widespread.

The Profound Gratitude of the Eucharist

Defining the Eucharist is a challenging task, as its spiritual significance transcends words. Father Robert Tywoniak, the pastor of Blessed Sacrament Church, describes it as a “profound gratitude” that wells up from within ourselves. It is a deeply personal and intimate experience that defies simple explanations. The Eucharist is a moment of communion with God and a source of grace and spiritual nourishment for believers.

A Brief History of Blessed Sacrament Church

Blessed Sacrament Church was established in 1960, just two years after the creation of the Diocese of Miami. Initially, Mass was celebrated in a restaurant and later in a funeral home. In 1963, the parishioners dedicated their own building, which underwent a major renovation in 1996. The renovation involved gutting the interior, leaving only the roof and walls intact. The sanctuary was relocated to the west side, allowing the morning sun to illuminate the atrium’s faceted-glass walls.

Art and Architecture of Blessed Sacrament Church

The architecture of Blessed Sacrament Church reflects the reverence and importance placed on the Eucharist. The sanctuary features a wall of coral from the Florida Keys, serving as a backdrop to the wooden altar. The altar rests on a pedestal adorned with a carved bas-relief of the Last Supper, symbolizing the central role of the Eucharist in the life of the Church.

One notable feature of the church is the Chapel of the Angels, named after the angelic figures etched into its glass walls. The chapel also houses a bronze crucifix cast at a foundry in the Bahamas, overlooking the worship space. These artistic elements create a sacred and serene ambiance, inviting worshippers into a deeper experience of prayer and contemplation.

Ministries of Blessed Sacrament Church

As a church dedicated to the Eucharist, Blessed Sacrament Church organizes its ministries around the Mass. Members actively participate as greeters, ushers, and musicians during worship. Some of the parishioners also serve as extraordinary Eucharistic ministers, bringing the sacrament to the hospital-bound. However, the oldest ministry at Blessed Sacrament is the St. Vincent de Paul Society, which provides food and assistance to the less fortunate. This ministry has grown to become a regional chapter, collaborating with other parishes in the deanery to extend support to those in need.

Land Ministries of Blessed Sacrament Church

In addition to its spiritual ministries, Blessed Sacrament Church is also engaged in land stewardship. The church maintains a two-acre nature preserve behind its complex, preserving the original “high and dry meadowland” that once covered the area. This preservation effort showcases the church’s commitment to environmental stewardship and preserving the natural beauty of the land.

Cherry Creek Park, covering three acres east of the church, is another land ministry of Blessed Sacrament. The park features trees, a meandering path, and a creek bank. Through a partnership with Oakland Park, Blessed Sacrament Church is responsible for the park’s operation and maintenance. This collaboration reflects the church’s desire to share its blessings with the wider community.


Blessed Sacrament Church in Oakland Park exemplifies the centrality of the Eucharist in Catholicism. Its dedication to the celebration of the Eucharist is evident in the art and architecture of the church and the various ministries that revolve around the Mass. From the Chapel of the Angels to the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Blessed Sacrament Church is a beacon of faith, service, and gratitude. By embracing the Eucharist as the source of grace and communion with God, the church continues to nourish the spirits of its parishioners and extend its blessings to the wider community.

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