Good News Reflections Making Scripture Meaningful to Your Daily Life

By Terry Modica


Welcome to Good News Reflections, where we explore how scripture can be applied to our daily lives and help us grow in faith. In this reflection, we will discuss the importance of love in our good deeds and the significance of having a genuine motive for our actions. Let us dive into today’s Gospel reading and discover how it can guide us in our spiritual journey.

The Importance of Love in Good Deeds

Our good deeds become sacred when they are motivated by love and done in cooperation with God’s divine plans. Without love, our actions can become mere obligations fulfilled out of duty. Love is what transforms any good deed into a sacred act.

Examining Our Motives

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus encourages us to examine our motives behind our actions. Are we truly motivated by love, or is our religious practice merely a form of legalistic obedience? Jesus warns against performing religious acts without love, as this can do more harm than good.

The Danger of Manipulation

Sometimes, we may unknowingly use our faith to manipulate others into doing what we want. For example, parents who threaten their children with punishment if they don’t attend Mass may inadvertently damage their children’s faith. True faith is based on God’s merciful love, not fear of punishment.

Being Models of Deep Devotion

Instead of resorting to threats and warnings, we should strive to be models of deep devotion. Our love for God and others should be evident in our actions, and we should spend dedicated time in prayer for the spiritual growth and protection of our loved ones.

Proving Our Faith Through Love

The first reading reminds us that our faith is proven by laboring in love. Anyone can perform good works, even atheists. However, our good deeds become sacred when they are done in collaboration with God’s divine plans of love. It is the love behind our actions that truly makes them Godly.

The Power of Good News Reflections

As the author of these Good News Reflections, I want you to know that the truth of the Gospel is not proven by how well I write these reflections. Instead, it is demonstrated by the power with which you receive them and live out their messages in the Holy Spirit and with conviction. I am grateful for your love for others and your commitment to growing in holiness. Please know that I pray for you continually in my heart.


In conclusion, our good deeds become sacred when they are motivated by love and done in cooperation with God’s divine plans. We should examine our motives and ensure that our religious practice goes beyond mere legalistic obedience. Instead of manipulating others, we should strive to be models of deep devotion and spend dedicated time in prayer for their spiritual growth. Let us labor in love and prove our faith through our actions.

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