North Shore Christian School Updates 11-10-23

A Message from our Founders

The idea of North Shore Christian School budded in the fall of 2021. We were simply two moms, who were quickly approaching having school-aged children and were praying for a Christian education opportunity within the valley. After a lot of thought and prayer, we decided that for this dream to become a reality, we were going to need to take matters into our own hands.

The school blossomed in the summer of 2022. We were grateful and humbled to have found the perfect location for our school within Sower’s Community Center. We had hired our first teacher; Kiley Dixon, we were registered as a non-profit in the state of Washington and had begun to form our board of directors. We started our first school year with 12 students enrolled and were excited to hit the ground running.

We learned a lot during our first school year. We stayed steadfast and true to the path that God had laid, even though it was not always easy. We adapted and molded our program as our vision for the future expanded.

We are now in our second school year and we feel as though our program is now blooming. We have added Brooke Marshlain to our teacher’s roster and have expanded to encompass three different grade levels. We have seen growth within our enrollment numbers and expect a greater increase for the following year. Our board now consists of experts within their fields and we are more efficient than ever before.

If you haven’t heard yet, North Shore Christian School was voted “Organization of the Year” by our community! We accepted our award at the Manson Chamber of Commerce Event on 11/8. It was a wonderful evening to share more about what we are doing!

So much of our success is because of your financial contributions to our school. We have been able to add music, art, puppeteering, and more to our weekly schedule. We are also working diligently to update and improve our security measures. Most importantly to our mission, we have been able to expand our scholarship program to ensure North Shore Christian School is accessible to all. We cannot thank you enough for putting your faith in us and allowing us to grow this school within the Lake Chelan Valley.

Thank you,

Hillary Belton and Kelsey Chavez


Updates from the Teachers

Mrs. Dixon, Kindergarten Teacher

We have worked on so many things in our first couple of months of school. We start each morning with circle time, where we say a prayer, recite the pledge of allegiance, keep track of the weather, practice numbers, sing songs, and learn about the calendar. This is a really special time as it creates a time for each student to speak and feel heard.

In phonics, we have learned all of our vowels and many of the consonants. Students are getting really good at blending a consonant and a vowel. This is one of the beginning steps in learning to read.

Math is one of the kids’ favorite times of the day. We use lots of manipulatives (beans, toy cars, bingo chips, small plastic toys, and blocks) to aid in counting, adding one more, creating groups of 10, and finding the sum of story problems.

We are also currently learning the characteristics of different 2D shapes.

Science has been really engaging. So far we have studied apples, salmon, pumpkins, and bats. We have been learning a lot about life cycles and how to label different parts.

Each day we get to go to a different “specialist”. Specialists include puppets, P.E., music, library, and cooking class. The kids really look forward to traveling to a different space or classroom to learn each day. 🙂

This year is going great! I am so happy to see the growth in our school and continue to learn and tweak things in order to get better and better.

Mrs. Marshlain, 1st/2nd Grade Teacher

First and second grade students have been learning to apply North Shore Christian School’s 4 Personal Standards. As their teacher, it has been so rewarding to watch each student memorize, apply, and hold each other accountable of each standard every day.

  • Honor Christ
  • Show respect
  • Make good decisions
  • Solve problems

NSCS students recently learned about salmon. We learned about the anatomy and life cycle of the salmon. Students then capped their learning by experiencing salmon within the field at our salmon festival field trip. Being able to apply their knowledge to real life makes their learning all the more powerful. Our students love to learn about science!

First and second grade students are focusing on Washington State grade level standards in math, reading, and writing. With our small class sizes, we are able to utilize small groups and individualize instruction for each student. Teachers are able to focus on each student and the level they are at in math and reading. It is our goal to have all students reach grade level standards by the end of the school year.

As students exit NSCS, we desire our students to enter into their next level of education with the utmost work ethic, integrity, and knowledge in academics and a love for Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much for your support and donation to help make NSCS a success!

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