Purposeful. Rewarding. God-Honoring.

When you see those words, what places come to mind? A church. A non-profit. Perhaps a missions organization or charity. Probably not a credit union.

Introducing Christian Community Credit Union (CCCU)

Now try imagining this financial institution has competitive rates and low fees so you can support churches, ministries, and causes close to your heart. A place where your faith and finances can grow together as you seek to serve God and support yourself and your loved ones. This credit union isn’t hypothetical. It’s real, and it’s called Christian Community Credit Union (CCCU).

A Faith-Based Partner

Here, you’re joining a family who shares your Christian values. Here, you can serve God AND support yourself and your loved ones. Here, you can get the right financial solutions to help you live and give more abundantly. But can’t you just find financial services somewhere else? Sure. But what other credit union can be your faith-based partner who genuinely cares about a mission bigger than all of us? What other financial institution seeks to honor God with every transaction? What other credit union can guarantee your money goes directly to Kingdom purposes?

Honoring God in Everything We Do

At CCCU, we seek to honor God in everything we do. Giving is in our DNA. And our unique credit card program is just one way we give to Christian causes. Not only do you earn rewards, but with every single purchase, CCCU donates a portion to ministries that work to spread the Gospel, combat human trafficking, and help orphans and foster care children to name a few. In fact, we’ve given nearly $6 million to causes our members care about. Because when you put your money at CCCU, you’re helping provide affordable financing to individuals, churches, and ministries. What a blessing it is to know you’re helping grow and advance God’s Kingdom.

Join Our Family and Open Your Account Today!

Join our family and open your account today! “They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.” –Psalm 1:3 (NLT)