Writing Retreats Inspiration for Your Next Getaway

Writing retreats are making a comeback as the pandemic becomes a thing of the past. Whether you’re looking to travel domestically or internationally, or if you prefer to stay at home, there is a writing retreat that will suit your needs and budget. In this post, we will explore the benefits of writing retreats, provide a list of top retreats in North America and around the world, and even offer tips on how to create your own retreat at home. So let’s dive in and plan your next writer’s getaway!

What Are Writing Retreats?

Writing retreats offer a unique blend of solitude and community. They provide a dedicated space for writers to focus on their craft, away from the distractions of everyday life. Unlike writing residencies, which often emphasize solitude and self-reflection, and writing sessions, which are more structured and focused on networking and learning opportunities, writing retreats offer the best of both worlds. They allow writers to immerse themselves in beautiful and serene locations while also providing opportunities for connection and support from fellow writers.

How and Why Writing Retreats Enrich Your Writing Career

Writing retreats offer a range of benefits that can enrich your writing career. Here are a few reasons why you should consider attending a retreat:

  1. Transformative experiences: Writing retreats can open you up to new possibilities and inspire you to push the boundaries of your writing.

  2. Dedicated writing space: Retreats provide a distraction-free environment where you can focus solely on your writing, free from the demands of everyday life.

  3. No more excuses: Attending a retreat shows that you are committed to your writing project and allows you to prioritize your writing goals.

  4. Creating a writing community: Interacting with other writers can help you build connections and create a supportive writing community that can last beyond the retreat.

  5. Returning refreshed and inspired: After a retreat, you’ll return to your daily life with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and motivation to continue writing.

Our Top 3 Picks for Writing Retreats in North America

If you’re looking to attend a writing retreat closer to home, here are our top picks for retreats in North America:

1. Writers Who Run – Lake Junaluska, North Carolina

  • Dates: July 10-16, 2023
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Pricing: Basic Writer ($2,125), Advanced Writer ($2,525), Super Awesome Author ($3,125)

Writers Who Run is a unique retreat located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. As the name suggests, this retreat caters to writers who are also avid runners. In addition to workshops and networking opportunities, participants will have dedicated time each day to write. The retreat includes food, lodging, daily runs, a writing group workshop, social events, and race entry.

2. Rekindle Retreat – Juneau, Alaska

  • Dates: End of May 2024
  • Duration: TBD
  • Pricing: Available fall of 2023

The Rekindle Retreat, hosted by the Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop, takes place in Juneau, Alaska. This retreat offers dedicated writing time, manuscript feedback from seasoned writers, and opportunities to connect with other writers. Participants will also have the chance to explore the local area, including the city capital, coffee shops, restaurants, and hiking trails.

3. Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway – Atlantic City, New Jersey

  • Dates: January 13-16, 2023
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Pricing: Tuition sliding scale $495 to $595

The Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway is a participant-focused writers’ conference held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This retreat offers a wide range of workshops for various creative writing genres, including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, memoir, and songwriting. Workshops are limited to small groups, allowing for an intimate and supportive environment.

The Wide, Wide World: Global Writing Retreats

If you’re ready to travel internationally for a writing retreat, here are a few options that might catch your eye:

1. Writeaway – Champtoce-Sur-Loire, France

  • Dates: June 30 – July 7, 2023, & July 8-15, 2023
  • Duration: 1 week or 2 weeks
  • Pricing: $4,950 for a single room (1 week), $2,350 each for friends/couples sharing a room (1 week), $2,750 for a single room (2 weeks), $4,400 each for friends/couples sharing a room (2 weeks)

Writeaway is a retreat held at the Chateau du Pin, a castle in France. This idyllic location provides the perfect setting to immerse yourself in writing and find inspiration. The retreat offers a range of amenities and activities, including workshops, dedicated writing time, and the opportunity to explore the 300-acre estate.

2. Writers’ Retreat – Cape Town, Africa

  • Dates: Various dates in November 2022, February 2023, and April 2023
  • Duration: 3-5 days, depending on the dates
  • Pricing: R5,000 for November 2022 and February 2023 retreats, R3,900 for April 2023 retreat

The Writers’ Retreat, located in Hout Bay, a small coastal village near Cape Town, South Africa, offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in writing. The retreat provides workshops, meetings, and manuscript reviews with instructors, as well as the chance to explore the beautiful surroundings of Cape Town.

3. Iceland Writers Retreat – Reykjavik, Iceland

  • Dates: April 26 – 30, 2023
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Pricing: ISK 280,000 per person

The Iceland Writers Retreat is a series of workshops and panels led by international writers. This retreat offers a range of activities, including workshops, lectures, and tours of the Golden Circle and Reykjavik. Participants will also have dedicated time to work on their writing projects.

Online Retreats for Writers Who Prefer the Comfort of Home

If you prefer to stay at home but still want to experience the benefits of a writing retreat, here are a few online retreats that you can participate in:

1. The Stay at Home Writing Retreat

  • Dates: November 25 – 27, 2022
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Pricing: $525

The Stay at Home Writing Retreat is a weekend experience that allows you to connect with other writers and participate in creativity-waking exercises. This retreat offers a supportive community and the opportunity to share your writing with others.

2. 2023 Writer’s Retreat YACPA

  • Dates: January 3 – 6, 2023
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Pricing: $249 for members, $349 for non-members

The 2023 Writer’s Retreat, hosted by the American College Personnel Association (ACPA), is a virtual retreat focused on racial justice and decolonization. This retreat offers community writing opportunities, individual and group coaching, and support from experienced facilitators.

3. Composed at Home Online Writing Retreat

  • Dates: June 4 – 9, 2023
  • Duration: 5 & 1/2 days
  • Pricing: $3,450 (Early Bird Price $2,950 available until November 18, 2022)

The Composed at Home Online Writing Retreat is designed to help writers overcome emotional writing blocks and fall back in love with writing. This retreat incorporates a systematic creative process and offers a supportive community of fellow writers.

3 Ways to Host Your Own Writing Retreat

If attending a retreat is not currently feasible for you, here are three ways you can create your own writing retreat at home:

1. Simple Staycation

  • Set the mood with a theme, such as a Hawaiian or Spanish theme.
  • Relocate to a different part of your residence, such as setting up an office in the garage.
  • Redecorate your writing space by changing the lighting, wall color, or adding a fountain.

2. A Writer’s Traveling Tool Kit

  • Designate a backpack or bag to house everything you need for writing on the go, such as a laptop, notebook, and pens.
  • This way, you can easily take your writing with you to a coffee shop, a friend’s house, or the library.

3. Writer’s Will Wander

  • Book a cozy getaway with an Airbnb or similar service to change your writing environment.
  • Invite writing friends to join you and turn it into your own writer’s retreat.

Writing Retreats For Every Writer

With the world slowly returning to normal, now is the perfect time to plan your next writing retreat. Whether you choose to travel internationally, attend a retreat closer to home, participate in an online retreat, or create your own retreat at home, there are options available for every writer. So put on your favorite pair of warm fuzzy socks or sombrero and start planning your next writing getaway. Your writing career will thank you for it!

Remember, you can always find inspiration and support on your writing journey, no matter your budget or time constraints. So don’t let anything hold you back from pursuing your passion for writing. Start planning your next writing retreat today and watch your creativity soar!